About- Bout di Aata

For far too long, we have been silenced. My name is Fiyu Pikni, an iconoclast, a patriot and a human being. 

I am on a journey, constructing an identity and searching for a home. I left Jamaica when I was seventeen to study in the land of the free. No matter how much I assure myself that I owe Jamaica nothing, the nation pulls firmly at my heart strings in a way that no other place will. 
I am Jamaican. My passport says so, but the Jamaican within encompasses more than mere formalities. I love my country and I am ready to do whatever it takes to ensure its future prosperity.

I am gay. I'm not able to articulate fully what that means, but affirming a stigmatized identity has become an unmistakable part of my character, and one that increasingly provides me with great strength and motivation to be a better person. 

Many other identity markers apply to me, but the two mentioned above are most pertinent to my writings on this blog. These are my thoughts...

Patwa Chranslieshan:

Fi ou lang nou wi kyaahn se notn. Mi niem Fiyu Pikni, an mi no fried fi stan op gens nobadi ar notn, mi lov mi konchri, an alduo som piipl uda tel yu difrent, mi bilang tu di yuuman ries. 

Mi de pan a mishan a chrai fain miself an a luk fi somwe fi kaal mi yaad. Mi lef Jumieka wen mi a sebntiin fi stodi a farin. No mata umoch taim mi tel miself se mi no uo Jumieka notn, mi lov mi konchri and sitn aalwiez jraa mi bak tu i. 

Mi a Jumiekan. Mi paaspuot se so, bot a no jos dat mek mi si so. Mi lov mi konchri gaan tu bed, an mi redi rait rait nou fi du eniting i gwaihn tek fi elp sikior wi fyuucha. 

Mi a batiman. Mi no riili nuo di wuola we dat miin, bot mi naa bak dong frahm se mi a sitn we mi nuo nof piipl no laik. Muo ahn muo, dis paat a mi gi mi chrent ahn muotivieshan fi bi an fi du mi bes. 

Nof ada niem aplai tu mi, bot di tuu dem we mi menshan av di muos fi du wid we mi rait bout pan di blag. A dis a waa gwaan ina mi ed...